The Group

Professor Jake D Soper

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ashley McDaniel

Graduate Students

Michael Bayless
Nicholas Daugherty
Lucas Evans
Caleb Harris
Duncan Wood

Undergraduate Students

Quinton Bruch
Sulaiman (Sam) Somani

Group Administrator

Walaa Compton

Group Alumni

Graduate Students

Clarence J Rolle III, PhD, 2011, Postdoctoral Fellow, Karlin Group, Department of Chemistry, John Hopkins University
Aubrey L Smith, PhD, 2011, Research Scientist, Corning Inc, Corning, NY
Cameron A Lippert, PhD, 2011, Senior Research Scientist, Catalyst Group Leader, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky
Laura A Clapp, MS, 2006, Scientist, Kimera Chemicals, Atlanta, GA

Long-Term Undergraduate Students

Omar A Uribe, BS, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2012
Phillip B Hairston, BS, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2009, School of Law, Washington University
Ari Gordin, BS, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2009, PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Visting Graduate Students

Korbinian Riener, 2011, PhD Candidate, Herrmann Group, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich

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