Law and Order: Soper Group

Our lab’s award winning video for the 2013 School of Chemistry and Biochemistry holiday party. Congrats to Michael Bay(less)!

Don’t Be a Stranger

We have added a list of group alumni to the site, along with their last known whereabouts. We would like to keep this list current. If you have moved, please drop Jake a line.

Well, that escalated quickly!

Some house cleaning is long overdue…

First, the group page has been updated. Over the past 10 months, we have welcomed four new graduate students, a postdoc, and two new undergrads to the lab. Bios will continue to appear over the next couple of days.

Help Wanted

The Soper Lab is seeking a postdoc. Interested graduate students should apply by email to Prof. Jake Soper. Please include, in a single PDF file, a curriculum vitae, a summary of research experiences, and contact information for three recommenders. Experience in the synthesis and characterization of air-sensitive organometallic and inorganic coordination complexes is preferred, but applications from all areas of inorganic chemistry are welcome.


See Us in San Diego

If you are in the San Diego Convention Center tonight, stop by poster 811 in Hall D to talk with Michael Bayless about our newest research results. Mike’s poster describes his recent efforts to develop redox-active pincer-type NHC ligands for iron and cobalt-catalyzed cross coupling.